Woodlawn Cemetery Lima, OH

     The Woodlawn Cemetery was founded in 1873 as a non-profit corporation under provisions of the laws of the State of Ohio. Its purpose is to provide for its members interment spaces in a beautifully designed and well maintained facility under professional management and to provide service in a dignified and reverent manner at the time of interment.

     Consisting of about one hundred forty acres, Woodlawn Cemetery is located one and a half miles southwest of the center of Lima. Its rolling terrain, winding roadways, variety of trees and colorful flowers display the sheer beauty of nature.

     The objective of the founders of the association are being achieved. This is made possible by their foresight in making certain that perpetual funds for operation and maintenance would always be available and that this final resting place would be carefully maintained and continually preserved.

Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery

*Come experience Serenity Garden and its tranquil waterfalls and bubbly brook.  A quiet setting for you and your loved ones.

Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery


"Woodlawn Cemetery is a place of serenity

and beauty, rolling hills and grand

monuments, history right in the heart of

Allen County."
- Patrick A. Orians Manager,
Siferd-Orians Funeral Home;

 "The grounds are always well-
maintained and they really do go that
extra mile to serve their families. I also
love the amount of history that can be
found around the cemetery grounds."
- David A. Huckeriede President,
Chamberlain-Huckeriede Funeral Home