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To All Our Friends of Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemeteries,

In many ways, Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemetery is the heart of Allen County.

For 150 years, our family, friends, and our community’s founders have made their final resting place among our tranquil rolling hills and beautiful old trees. It is the ideal location to show your loved ones the honor and respect they deserve. With your help, we can continue to maintain Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemetery to the high standards that we have come to expect for our historic, non-profit facility.

You know how much work it takes to keep your yard well maintained, so you can imagine how much effort it is to keep Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek’s 140 acres and six miles of roadways looking good. We have a team dedicated to mowing and trimming, spraying weeds, raking, snow removal, and all the other chores that are performed daily. In addition, we have many larger, ongoing maintenance projects, including:

  • Regularly scheduled repaving of the asphalt roads
  • Roof and masonry repairs on our office building which was built in 1904
  • Continuous replacement of the 100+ year old drainage system
  • As well as many other items too numerous to mention

In addition, this year we began replacing the arch of over the entrance to Shaare Zedek Cemetery which was destroyed last year when a car hit it. The arch is in place and the finish work will be completed as materials are available.  We recently also had to repair the Civic War Soldiers’ Monument which was dedicated on July 4, 1901, and was showing its age. We are excited to announce that in 2023 we will be constructing a new mausoleum behind the current mausoleum. The $350.000 project will provide 96 crypts and 96 cremation niches. And next year we will be repairing cracks, tuckpointing and sealing the iconic arches that frame our main entrance.

We appreciate your support of Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemetery and ask you to again make a tax-deductible gift to the Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemetery Association Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation. We also encourage you to talk to us about endowments and legacy funds. With your help, we can keep Woodlawn Cemetery the beautiful, historical, and architectural treasure we know and love.

Please, either fill out and return the enclosed car with your gift or make your contribution through the Lima Community Foundation/Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Cemetery Foundation safely and securely at

Thank you so much; your generosity is appreciated.

The Woodlawn-Shaare Zedek Board of Directors:

  1. Barry Hardy, President | Robert B. Komminsk, Vice President | George D. MacDonell, Vice President

Carolyn “Ducky” Allen, Board of Member | Bob Cook, Board Member

Rick Wagar, Superintendent | Patty Stein, Office Manager


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Instead of sending flowers why not donate a something that will last much longer by donating a tree

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